Keep Laura in mind when planning your
next  special event
such as:

 Corporate Accounts~Holiday Parties~ Bat/Bar Mitzvahs~ Sweet Sixteen~Trade Shows~Fundraisers~Weddings~Anniversary Parties~Award Banquets~Black Tie Affairs~Grand Openings~Festivals~Conventions~Hospital fundraisers~Sporting Events~Casinos~ Birthday Parties..

And Much More...

  Laura was born and raised in Connecticut and is the youngest of three children. Her family originated from Bronx and Brooklyn, NY.  then moved to Long Island, (Quite similar as if you are a true Mariah fan then you would know that Mariah is also from Long Island.)

    Growing up, Laura was interested in many forms of entertainment, she would always be performing for friends and family doing various skits and always entering talent contests near her local town. Laura has always been able to grab the audience's attention with ease and comfort. It was always her dream to be involved in the "entertainment world" and be able to travel and meet new people and experience new cultures.

    As Laura was about to enter high school, (ok, we are talking' the 80's everyone) soon after is when Mariah first hit the scene with the video "Vision of Lovewhich rocketed her into total stardom.

     Meanwhile, Laura started to get a ton of double takes.  Absolute strangers even would approach her with comments such as-"Has anyone ever told you that you look so much like that singer Mariah?" and are you " Mariah Carey?" Laura went through high school winning look-a-like contests and performing for various functions and fundraisers. She was always being considered "Mariahs twin" (which is a total compliment). Laura also has a nickname from many who call her "LAURIAH" which has stuck to this day. Laura then went into working in the field of customer service and never realized she could take her 
Look-a-Like status any further than just having fun back in high school and that's when it all happened....

It all started one day in mid 90's. The famed Ricki Lake show had a topic on celebrity 
look-a-likes and so many suggested Laura go on the show. Laura decided to 
go on the show despite that she was a bit shy.  She figured she could overcome 
her shyness from being picked on and bullied when young, so she went for it. 

Laura met a highly talented Make-Up Artist whose talent transformed her into
 "Mariah " for a day and even Ricki Lake was impressed. Since her first appearance on the
 Ricki Lake Show, Laura has also appeared on many other talk shows about celebrity

such as:
The Maury Povich Show, Debra Dunkin, Queen Latifa, Access Hollywood,
and more. Laura has had great opportunities performing for many corporate accounts
around the United States

such as:
FAO Swartz NY, SNET telephone Company, Tommy Hearns, Las Vegas Hilton, 
Mandalay Bay in Vegas, Caesars Palace, CASA SONY to name a few. 
Laura also was invited to Japan for a television show, Mano mane Battle which recreated a 
commercial for Nescafe' that Mariah herself did with a known Japanese actor 
Samnuson. Laura met the Iron Chef who was one of the hosts on the show and 
has his own syndicated show here in the states.

  Laura says that working as a lookalike has changed her life and opened so many 
doors that otherwise would have never been opened. It has allowed her to help others that
never would have been able to get help by doing various fundraisers and special
events dressed as the icon.

She is continuously in the works with many different projects and is a free agent and works 
with those who are interested in promoting her lookalike status only in positive ways.

She has had the pleasure to meet thousands of people and made everlasting relationships
along her way.

Laura promotes her lookalike status only in positive ways and her image and talent will not be used for misrepresentation of any kind.